Neurosurgeon FAQs

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What is a Neurosurgeon?

Patients who have newly diagnosed SI pain, those who have had failed SI surgery, and others who have developed SI pain as a result of prior spinal surgery have found relief through our novel surgical techniques.

Nonsurgical management of SI pain consists of physical therapy, medications, and injections. For patients in whom these treatments provide substantial and lasting pain relief, surgery is not needed.

If you have tried and failed these treatments, surgery is likely the next best option for you.

What information should I consider when choosing a neurosurgeon?

It is always a good idea to do some research about the physician you are working with. Some things to consider:

• What is their educational background?
• Are they board-certified?
• Are they fellowship-trained?
• What is their surgical experience?

Are they experts in the procedures they are doing or have they only done two or three of your procedure?Our team of experts at SCCNS has done countless numbers of each procedure we offer with amazing outcomes and very high success rates. Our Medical Director is a trainer and educator for various procedures that we offer including a new minimally invasive treatment for sacroiliac joint pain. Our surgeons are world-renowned and not only have patients treated locally but nationally and internationally.

Should I get a second opinion?

It is important for you to be as informed as you possibly can when faced with difficult health circumstances or choices regarding your treatment options. Second opinions are quite common throughout the healthcare industry and often used by primary care physicians to seek out the best care for their patients. Many second opinions must be authorized by your primary care physician, as many specialty care facilities will charge a fee for service.

Note: We support our patients in getting a second opinion and will assist them if necessary. We also provide a Patient to Patient Support Service which allows new patients to contact patients who have already had their specific procedure to talk to them about their experience.

Please be aware that many neurosurgeons do not / cannot perform some of the intricate procedures performed by the doctors at SCCNS as well as certain multi-level procedures or other specialized procedures such as SI Joint Fusion because they are not certified and trained on the procedure itself. SCCNS takes pride in the continued advanced training of our surgeons in order to keep up with the newest and most minimally invasive techniques available to our patients.

What tests will be done to diagnose my condition?

Before any tests are ordered, a complete history and physical evaluation are necessary. Because there are so many different conditions and causes of pain, it is important to determine what is and what is not causing the problem. After your physician has a better idea of what is causing the pain or symptoms, diagnostic tests such as X-rays, a CT/CAT Scan, or an MRI may be ordered. Other tests may be ordered as necessary. For a definition of each test, please see our glossary area.

Can I email my MRI/CT scans or other test results?

We are in the process of working on a patient portal that will allow patients to upload their scans. However, until the system is fully functional, we request that you bring a copy of your CDs, X-Rays, or other results with you to your appointment.

We know that patients may have many questions in regard to their condition or medical processes, especially if a patient needs surgery. We are available by phone to answer your questions and concerns. Please call 909-881-6713if you have questions that are not answered in our FAQs.