Patients reviews
"Dr Mesiwala is amazing."

Lilian G.
"Dr. Mesiwala has been my doctor for over 15 years. I'd be in a wheelchair if not for him. He is a God's gift."

Tammy M.
"My dad has been having leg pain for 3 years and Dr Mesiwala was able to solve his constant pain. My family is so grateful for the amazing surgery Dr Mesiwala did, and how my dad felt better almost instantly. We thank the staff as well because they were all so kind and helpful. Thank you too to Victoria Callahan. She truly cared about my dad and was willing to be on call for him if he needed anything. Very kind people and amazing work. Forever grateful"

Cassandra Z. 
"Pain I lived in before meeting this Doctor was unreal! Now I sleep...stand...walk...sit...run...and live because this "genius man" knows how to "heal the bones."
He's invented restorative apparatus to correct issues that couldn't be resolved previously.
He's a genius alright! Straight up-straight out brilliant!!! And, he's a kind hearted soul. (I am a " Hands-On Community Leader"...for Children and Homeless.)
There is so very much work to be done, I couldn't afford a long recovery time. I prayed for one operation...one side of my poor ole broken down pain riddled back...I had already let go way too long... to "do it!"
I prayed for a miracle and Dr Ali Mesiwala...and his incredible team delivered it! One...not two sides...many hours in operation...healing now, years later...(if I keep the weight off...don't lift anything heavish)...I'm so healed I can help others.
He restored my life.
Moving to Rancho Cucamonga has reshaped his support staff to accomodate our patient needs better.
Back pain is the no.1 debilitating effect on Americans.
We are blessed to be able to access his care. Other doctor's patients have benefited from his revolutary procedures...flying patients from all parts of the world to receive his "healing care."
No.1...On my top 10 Best Doctors List!
A personal "THANK YOU" for restoring my quality of life"

Linda L.
"I was referred to Dr. Mesiwala by Dr. Osborne. Dr. Mesiwala was kind and patient to give me a consultation via video 10,000 km away. I was so happy and relieved to know there are options for me shall I return back to the United States one day. He reviewed my MRI and told me what my options are. I’ve been living with extreme neck pain for years. Many doctors have given me so many different opinions but Dr. Mesiwala’s opinion made the most sense. I’m so grateful to have met him. I look forward to my future treatment by him. 🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Mine I.
"Dr.Mesiwala performed my back surgery in January 2018. Before that day I could not walk without pain and numbness in both legs after a few steps and had very painful sciatica. After surgery I went home the same day after the procedure and a CoFLex implant. I am now able to walk and no pain or numbness,every now and then I only get a little stiffness . I write this to commend him and his staff for their prompt service and courtesy.They were very supportive. I had a some bad days recovering (common for back surgery), and the office staff Brandy and Sabrina were so kind and understanding responding to my calls and getting the answers I needed. Very pleased with the outcome!"

Linda K.
"I love Dr. Mesiwala and his staff. My lower back feels better since my ADR surgery. I have tried referring people with the same lower back pain issues, trying to discourage a possible fusion surgery😟. Everyone treats me with kindness, and respect🤗🤗"

"He's the very best there is...a true healer! He restored my life! I couldn't walk, sit, sleep, or live without unbearable pain. He fixed my spine!
He's also a wonderful human being. He's given his time to help children in the community.
No.1 top Physician on my list!"

Linda L.